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Friday, April 6, 2018

April 2018~ Information for our ESO field trip!!

Welcome back from Spring Break! It's been a busy week here at Westgate, to be sure!

Please see below for information about the upcoming field trip to the Elgin Symphony.

Our students in 3rd grade and 3/4 Multi-Age classes will attend the Elgin Symphony on Wednesday, April 11th! The theme of the concert is "Music Emojis~ Feelings. Connections. Life
I have been sharing excerpts of the music selections they will be hearing during the concert, and asking students to select their own emojis that fit how they feel after hearing each piece. They also designed their own 'machines' by drawing pictures that might be chosen to be displayed during the concert! We have some very creative leaders here!

Please read the 'concert etiquette' suggestions below and discuss them with your 3rd or 3/4 MA student prior to Wednesday. Thank you!

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