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Friday, May 12, 2017

April and May Music Updates!

Where did April go? Wow! I just realized that I didn't update the blog at all last month!

So much has been going on here at Westgate... Music! Music! Music!

April 25th was the 3/4 MA and 4th grade music program- "Earth Day and Beyond", and the students did a great job performing that evening! Special thanks to Ms. Hennessy for all of her work preparing her three classes for this show!

April 28th was the Westgate Variety Show at South Middle School. Again, our talented students rocked the show, with acts that ranged from dance to comedy, from music and singing, to solving game cubes! Great work, Westgate!

April was Jazz Music Appreciation Month! I shared different styles of Jazz with students, and studied 12 Bar Blues with our 5th graders. We have been working on an Orff piece called "Orffin' Blues", and the students are starting to get the feel for it! I'll post a video of our performance at a later time. Stay Tuned!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!

Mr. Berger ./`

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