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Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Break Updates & Coming Attractions!

Happy Parent Teacher Conference / Thanksgiving week! I hope your conferences went well, and you are planning a fantastic turkey day. Listed below are a few highlights from the past few weeks, as well as a parent information letter for our upcoming 5th grade concert.

5th grade Concert Parent Information letter: This letter was sent home Friday, November 18th, and sent out by Dr. Carter in the weekly announcements email. Students have been preparing to share a concert about the "Magic Season" of winter, with themes of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other sights & sounds of winter.

Our 4th grade students have been working on singing partner songs from the caribbean, such as "Turn the World Around" and "Shake the Papaya Down." We also began reviewing recorder fingerings and learning to play an ostinato.

Students in second grade finished up viewing the video from their concert, and did a brief evaluation of their performance. It was great to read each reflection and to see which of the eight songs was their favorite! I also introduced them to the pentatonic scale with a cool video of Bobbie McFerrin (listed below), and they played rhythm patterns from the board on bells in a C pentatonic scale. We also did a turkey dance and sang the classic: Over the River and Through the Woods."

Bobbie McFerrin Pentatonic Scale demonstration

First grade and 1/2 Multi-Age students learned a song about a frog, and added bells and other percussion instruments as an accompaniment. I also shared the wonderful book, "I Know and Old Lady who Swallowed a Pie", and we added bells on the 'perhaps she'll die' part. They also learned a few songs for Thanksgiving, and did a turkey tango!

Kindergarten students learned "I'll Just Be Myself" and did the turkey tango.

Have a great week! We'll see you on Monday, November 28th.

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