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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March is Music in Our Schools Month! Celebrate Music!

Here's a quote on Why Music Education is important from www.FreddietheFrog.com:

  • Music causes the mind to think smarter.
  • Medical scans track brain activity.
  • Music is one of the very few whole brain activities, engaging all four parts of the brain!  All other tasks use either the left or right brain. Music exercises all of the brain.
  • How?
When playing music, the mind chooses how fast or slow to play, with what style, rhythm, phrasing, and feeling.  It also tells the fingers when to move, reads and memorizes.  When playing music, you do ALL of this at the SAME TIME!
  • The more you play, the more you exercise your mind.  The exercised mind thinks better, making a student smarter.
  • A high percentage of band, choir, or orchestra members get good grades in school.
  • Band kids aren’t smarter because they like music; band kids are smarter because they PLAYmusic.
  • If an athlete would be well-suited and prepared for a physically demanding job, doesn’t it make sense that music instruction would mentally prepare a person for a mentally challenging job?

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