A message from our music staff:

Mr. Berger and Ms. Dudlak are glad you're here! Check back often for updates and info about our Westgate music program. Mr. Berger can be reached via email at gberger@sd25.org, and Ms. Dudlak can be reached at jdudlak@sd25.org. Follow Mr. Berger on Twitter! @WEMusic160

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First and Second Grade Concert is coming soon!

Please see the letter below for information on our upcoming first and second grade concert. Our students in first and second grade classes are excited to perform on Tuesday, March 8th at 7:00 in the Westgate commons.

Concert Information Letter

Have a great week!

Mr. Berger ./`

Friday, February 19, 2016

Mr. Berger performs in a play, starting tonight!

Have you noticed that Mr. Berger has some extra facial hair these days? No, he's not thinking of becoming a lumberjack- he's in a play! The play is called BookMark, and it opens this evening! It is a faith-based story about Mark, the gospel writer, as he interviews those who were alive and witnessed the events that took place during the life and death of Jesus. Mr. Berger plays three roles in this inspiring production~ the disciple Peter, a Merchant, and an old man named Jairus. If you'd be interested in attending this family friendly play, please visit www.overshadowed.org for details and tickets. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Brush With a Patriot... Humble leader visits Westgate!

What a great surprise it was as New England Patriots back-up QB and Westgate Alumnus Jimmy Garoppolo came to visit us today! He spoke about his career, his time here at Westgate, life an an NFL quarterback, and, how he remembered playing Hot Cross Buns on recorder in Mr. Berger's music class! What fun! Thanks, Jimmy for taking time to visit today! We're all very proud of you!

Friday, February 12, 2016

World Music Drums- Week 1 is done!

All of our classes have now been re-introduced to the World Music Drums! We have had a fun week playing focus games, steady beat activities, reading rhythms, a Valentine's Day song, and even playing Presidential rhythms for President's Day!

Here's a clip of our Kindergarteners on their very first day with the drums~

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Drums are Here! The Drums are Here! Everybody give a cheer!

Westgate welcomes the wonderful World Music Drums this week! Students will be playing rhythms, focus and teamwork activities, and many of their favorite drum games over the next four weeks.

So, if you hear some rumbling, scraping, or booming coming from the music room, don't worry! That's just us making music and having fun with the World Music Drums!

Friday, February 5, 2016

A musician named Guido...

That's right! The father of modern music notation was a guy named Guido! Guido d'Arezzo, who lived over 1,100 years ago, is said to have created a new way to write music notation, using the words to a latin hymn, and placing pitches on his newly created staff. We derive our modern sol-feg syllables from his original pitch names! Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, LA, Si- Ut was later changed to Do, and Si was changed to Ti.
The Latin hymn was called Ut Queant Laxis- a hymn of blessing to St. John. The text is as follows:
"Ut queant laxis, Resonare fibris, Mira gestorum, Famuli tuorum, Solve polluti, Labii reatum, Sancte Johannes"

I shared an interactive CDROM of this interesting story with our first and 1/2 MA classes this week. They really enjoyed learning about Guido, his music, and his passion to write it down.