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Friday, October 16, 2015

Music This Week...

Greetings and Happy Autumn!

Here's a quick update on what we've been up to in Music class this week...

Kindergarten: We enjoyed learning "Pumpkin Stew", a song in a minor key. The kids each shared ideas for ingredients,  and Mr. Berger used the mimio to add it to the 'stew pot' on the board. A few favorites were Marshmallows, Chocolate, Carrots, and Mint! Next week we add some Orff accompaniment to our singing!

First Grade: We continued a song about Columbus Day called "Who Stowed Away?", and students had opportunity to sing solo, and play a bordun pattern on bass xylophones and metallophones. We also reviewed "Charlie Over the Water"- a sol-mi song, and added Orff as well.

Second grade: We discussed melodic direction- how pitches move by steps, skips, or repeats, and learned a River Shanty song called "Down the Ohio". We even began the dance that accompanies the song!

Third grade and 3/4 multi-age: We learned an assessment song, Telephone Time, and also learned the fun shanty, "John Kanaka", along with the partner dance that goes with it.

Fourth grade: These students continue working hard on their concert music! We added our recorder pieces and reviewed all of our other songs. Be sure those recorders are here for music class from now until the concert on Thursday, November 5th.

Fifth grade: Our Sea Chanty unit is in full swing! Students experienced different types of sea chanties, including the Short-Haul, Capstan, Long-Haul, and Forecastle. We also learned and sang "Walkin' Down the Street", a song to be used as a vocal assessment in the near future.  Below is a link to a video I shared of a capstan chanty in action. You only need to view the first minute or so to get the idea! Chanties are lot's of fun, and are part of our musical history. Enjoy!

Paddy Lay Back Capstan Chanty

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