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Friday, September 25, 2015

BoomWhackers and Buckets and Bundt Cakes, oh my!

Ok, no Bundt cakes here, but I got your attention, didn't I?  We do have BoomWhackers and Buckets, though!

Our students were using BoomWhacker tubes this week to play a melody to our new favorite song "Chocolate Cookie"~ a play on the Dutch folk song "Sarasponda".
They were asked to synergize as a group and play the
melody of the B section of the song. Here are a few pics of the kids in action.
Buckets- We recently had the exciting opportunity to purchase 15 new buckets for our students to carry their soprano recorders to and from the music room. Ace Hardware was selling the buckets as a fundraiser to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, and when you purchased a bucket for $5.00, everything you put in it was 20% off in the store. Dr. Badynee was kind enough to purchase the buckets for us with funds from the student activity account, and Ace Hardware on       Campbell gave us a nice discount as well!  Here are a few pictures of our new 'blue' buckets! 

The Westgate music concert schedule is complete and will be posted very soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Berger ./`

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