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Friday, January 9, 2015

Brrrr! Welcome Back!

Happy New Year to all of our Westgate families!

With the two days off this week, music instruction was a bit interrupted. Some classes had their usual two sessions, while others had only one or, unfortunately, none. We'll get caught up next week!

A few highlights from the week are:

5th grade: We're working on ideas for our April music concert, focusing on the Leader In Me. I asked students to generate a list of songs that we could change to fit the Leader in Me initiative. We also spent time on sixteenth note rhythms while reading the book: Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendeiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name by Tedd Arnold. The illustrations alone make this a worthwhile book to share!

Third grade: Our third grade classes are working on music for their World's Fair Curriculum Snapshot, which will be held this Thursday, January 15th. Selections include Sweet Home Chicago, Chicago (That Toddlin' Town), and Old Lady Leary.

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