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Monday, February 10, 2014

Success! The 3rd grade Chicago Symphony Field Trip was great!

 Last Friday, our third grade students had the great opportunity to attend a concert "Alien Invasion: Orchestra from the Planet X" at the Chicago Symphony! We took 126 students and 14 teachers to hear this wonderful program. As you can imagine, it was very crowded, and most seats  in Orchestra Hall were full of excited kids from the Chicago area.
The view from our seats in the upper balcony.
The concert began with two members of the Magic Circle Mime Company, dressed as aliens from the Planet X, playing around on the stage and creating the sense that they would be causing some intergalactic trouble for conductor Cristian Macelaru and the entire orchestra!

The bus ride down to Chicago!
A trio of excited third graders!
The audience enjoyed music selections from American composers, which were introduced by the conductor. At one point, the aliens came out and put a 'spell' on the orchestra, and later did the same to Maestro Macelaru! The students really enjoyed the zany antics of the visitors from the Planet X. 

Our Westgate students represented District 25 very well, being courteous and respectful during the program. It's not easy to sit and listen to music (without words) for 55 minutes! Thankfully, the mimes gave them plenty to watch while the music was being performed.
Is it almost time to start?
Our seats in the lower balcony- getting seated!

 The Westgate Third Grade teachers and support staff did a fantastic job of keeping the students organized before, during and after the concert. Many thanks to Mrs. Danley, Ms. Redmon, Mrs. Hynek, Miss Lambert, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Jensen, Mrs. Darby and all of the other adults who helped make this trip a success!
Making our way down the crowded staircase. 

After the concert... now, where are our busses?

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