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Friday, January 31, 2014

The 3rd grade field trip to the Chicago Symphony is next Friday!

Next Friday, February 7th, is our exciting field trip to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra! The concert is titled: Alien Invasion- Orchestra form the Planet X, and will feature mime from guest artists Magic Circle Mime Company. How fun is that?
Magic Circle Mime Company
Our Westgate 3rd grade students have been preparing for this outing by learning about the composers and viewing clips on YouTube of the pieces they will hear next week. All of the music selections we'll experience at the CSO are by American composers!
I have shared a few of the links below so you can enjoy this great American music at home! (I apologize for the pop-up adds.)

Scott Joplin- The Entertainer

Aaron Copland- Appalachian Spring (Simple Gifts)

Aaron Copland- Hoe-Down from Rodeo

Leroy Anderson- The Typewriter

We have also been talking about proper audience etiquette. This includes: Entering the Symphony Center in an orderly and respectful manner, Listening to the guide as they help us find our seats, using the washroom before the performance begins, staying quiet and respectful during the concert, and applauding at the appropriate time. If you are the parent of a third grader, please take a few minutes to reinforce what good audience etiquette and behavior looks like. Thank you for your help!

Mr. Berger ./`

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