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Friday, December 13, 2013

What's Up In Music Class? December 9-13

Warm winter greetings from the Music room! Here's an update of what we've been up to lately~

5th grade: Students learned to play a recorder ostinato for Chanukah Catch- which included a new pitch- B flat. We also learned "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and played several ostinati patterns  on percussion instruments.

4th grade: Our fourth graders performed their concert last evening (12/12)! They did a great job singing and playing the recorder! We will soon view the concert video and reflect on how we did as a group, and as individuals. Congratulations to all of our 4th grade students!

3rd grade: Activities this week included a review of recorder fingerings and treble clef note names on an iPad app called Nearpod, and learning a winter song "Knock No More", which included an ostinato on the pitches G and A. A few of the classes will participate in the iPad activity next week.

2nd grade: Students listened to a wonderful winter piece called "Musical Sleigh Ride" by Leopold Mozart, the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We looked at a world map to find Austria, where the Mozart family lived. Students also looked at Music Express magazine and listened to an energetic piece of music titled "Bugler's Holiday" by Leroy Anderson.

1st grade & MA 1/2: We learned a lovely song called "Nose, Nose, Jolly Red Nose"and added a bordun pattern on Orff instruments while also playing a steady beat on sleigh bells.

That's all for now! Stay warm out there! :-)

Mr. Berger ./`

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