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Friday, November 15, 2013

Week in Review- November 12-15, 2013

It has been a busy week in music class! Here are a few highlights...

5th grade: Students experienced their first music quiz on iPads this week! I used an app called Nearpod to take them through a quiz on major and minor tonality. After a failed first attempt in the music room, we moved to the commons for better internet connectivity, and had success! Students listened to six music selections and had to choose either major or minor.

Fourth grade: We continued working on our concert music, and started our recorder piece. Please make sure students bring their recorders to school- especially while we are preparing for the concert on December 12th. Thanks!

Third grade: Recorders!!! All third grade classes began learning how to play the soprano recorder this week! Some classes were allowed to take their instruments home, while others still need more instruction and practice. Be sure those recorders come back to school next week! Thanks!

Second Grade: We learned about Texture in music, and practiced thin and thick texture by singing several Rounds in class! 

First & MA 1/2 classes: We reviewed the Thankfulness song and learned a fun song about Playing in the Forest (while the Wolf is far away...). Students sang the song and danced around while the Wolf (Mr. Berger) had his back turned. When he turned around, they had to freeze like trees or rocks in the forest. If they moved, they had to go to the wolf's den! 

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