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Friday, November 8, 2013

Week in review- Nov. 4-8, 2013

November 4-8, 2013

What have we been up to in Music Class?

First grade & 1/2 MA: Singing songs with sol-mi patterns and playing "Here We Sit In a Ring" game. Dancing and exercising to John Jacobson's "Pump Up the Pumpkin!" We also learned a song for Thanksgiving called "Things I'm Thankful For".

2nd grade: Watching the video from our concert last week and reflecting on how we did! Also singing a patriotic song for Veteran's Day and moving to "Pump Up the Pumpkin!".

3rd grade: Learning all about the recorder and meeting members of the recorder family! I shared two videos in class- one about how a wooden recorder is made, and one with a recorder ensemble demonstrating the many different sizes of recorders that are available. See the links below!
We will start recorders next week!!
I also shared the patriotic partner song "A Time to Remember/America" to honor Veteran's Day.

4th grade: We began working on music for our concert! Students will be singing songs about stars and lights, and are reminded to let their 'light' shine no matter where they are!

5th grade: We continued learning about major & minor tonality, preparing for a quiz next week. I also shared the "A Time to Remember/America" with them, along with a discussion of the different theme songs for each branch of our military. We later learned and played a Paiute Indian stick passing game.

I found a great medley of military themes on YouTube that I shared with many classes this week.

Special thanks and gratitude to all of our Westgate community who have served in the military, or who have supported loved ones who served. 

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