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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

End of the Year Wrap-Up~ Have a great Summer!

Well, here we are... the end is at hand. Today, Wednesday, June 5th, we say goodbye to another school year, and hello to summer. It has been a great year here at Westgate! So many memories have been made... so many experiences we'll never forget. Here are just a few musical memories that I will take with me into this summer:

*All Westgate students had the opportunity to perform on stage in a music program. Themes ranged from Healthy Habits, to Instrument Families of the Orchestra, and from Winter Fun to Tropical Island music. I know Mrs. Henjum, Mrs. Ziemann and I really enjoyed watching each of our students shine and gain confidence on our stage!

*The Westgate Variety Show- What a talented group of kids we have here at Westgate! The students once again knocked us out with their clever and entertaining acts!

*Second grade iPad "Songify" projects- This was a fun way to review the instrument families of the orchestra, and to utilize the technology we are fortunate to have here at Westgate. 

*Playing Orff instruments- I really enjoyed hearing our students play chords, melodies, or accompaniment patterns on xylophones, metallophones, recorders, and glockenspiels. We worked on keeping the beat steady, using good mallet technique, and working as a team. 

There are so many other memories I could share, but I'll stop for now. 

Thanks to all of the Westgate parents who have encouraged me and assisted me throughout the year. You make my job much easier! Thank you also for the wonderful end of the year gifts!! I always feel so very blessed that families remember me and take the time to send a note. THANK YOU!!!

I hope you will all have a great summer! Please come and see me and my wife in Annie if you have the chance. 


Monday, June 3, 2013

St. Baldrick's update- Thanks for your support!

Last week, Westgate students helped us to raise $250.00 for St. Baldrick's Foundation! Thank you all so much for your support! Today- Monday, June 3rd, the entire school came to the commons to see me have my head shaved. Dr. Jerome and Mr. Badynee got in on the action, and we had a special visit from Tank- the dog who will play "Sandy" in the musical Annie this summer. See pictures below.
My head feels kinda funny now, but it's for a good cause, and for a great summer musical!
The kids- excited to see Mr. B get a 'new doo'!
Mr. Badynee & Dr. Jerome help out!

The rear view- reverse mohawk!
The front view of the 'new doo'!

What a fun time we had this morning! Thanks again to the Westgate community for your support!!